Dance Styles


For the youngest performers, this class teaches rhythm, musicality, balance, coordination and confidence through music, song, jazz & tap dance. Please keep in mind it can take several weeks for these little ones to completely settle into class, don’t be concerned if they do not fully participate on their first few weeks, often they like to observe before participating.


A blend of traditional jazz and modern jazz funk technique, these classes help develop a strong base of dance skills including musicality, coordination, strength, flexibility and performance.


Tap classes involve technique and rhythm training. It is a form of dance characterized by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe.


Learn to flip and tumble! This class works on strength, flexibility and body awareness whilst teaching gymnastic and circus based skills.Please note students who are not enrolled into a Ballet or Jazz class will not progress as quick and will find it harder than those students who partake in either a Jazz or Ballet class as well. 


Classical ballet is a specific technique that gives you a full understanding of your body. This is a class that focuses on building strength, flexibility and core stability. It is recommended for all dancers to help build a strong foundation of technique.


Hip Hop is a broad category that includes a variety of urban dance styles. Constantly evolving from the earlier styles of breaking, locking and popping, hip hop is a free, funky and soulful expression of movement.


For fun and fitness, or to dust off those old dance shoes. In a relaxed atmosphere we welcome everyone, no matter your level of experience.


Pointe is part of classical ballet technique made possible by pointe shoes. This is a safe introductory class with a strong focus on building ankle strength.


Musical theatre is a theatrical style combining singing, acting, spoken dialogue and dance.  This class allows students to express themselves through a number of different avenues.


A technique based class focussing on techniques from Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey.


All classes are open to both Boys and Girls. Placement in the appropriate class is determined on a child by child basis however the below outline can be used as a guide to class placement.


Class numbers will be capped in 2020.


The age specified for each age group is the age the dancer will be turning (or has turned) in the current year.

Tiny Tots: 2yrs – 3yrs

Primary’s: 4yrs – 5yrs

Juniors: 6yrs – 7yrs

Intermediates: 8yrs – 10yrs

Pre Subs: 11yrs

Sub-Seniors: 12yrs - 17yrs

Seniors (Adult): 18+ yrs

Musical Theatre: 8+ yrs

Opening: By Invitation

Extension: Invite Only

Level I Acrobatics: 5yrs - 7yrs

(No requirements)

Level II Acrobatics

(Must be enrolled into a dance based class and have minimum of an unassisted Bridge from standing & Cartwheel).

Level III Acrobatics: By assessment only

(Minimum of a bridge from standing with recovery, front & back walkover, cartwheel on left & right with straight legs & a round off. Students must also be enrolled in a Dance class with us. 

Contemporary: 8+ yrs

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